Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer is black

Summer is black

So when it comes to summer, I am not one for colour... I love black and I wear it all year haha, these recent pieces that i picked up are yes all mostly black but I feel as though they still have a summer look to them :] And a bonus being that all the items were affordable :]

The floral crop top from RiverIsland is £10 which I think is a complete bargain, me myself I am not usually one for a crop top as my belly is not something I should be showing, but this just sits so lovely on and is actually very flattering, which is always good :] I am going to pair this item with the dark denim skirt below which is from New Look and was £16.99, it sits nicely on the waist so it doesn't show any skin from the top which I like, it's more a soft cotton than a denim it just has that denim look so it's very comfortable. I like this outfit as I think it can be worn casual in town with a pair of jelly's or even converse, and then at night a pair of heels for going out for a drink :] 

The number 23 football top, is kinda yer bog standard baggy top they are popular the now but I don't care I love it haha it is from RiverIsland and is £20 which is a wee bit pricey for a t-shirt as the material doesn't feel to great, but I just got it for over my bikini for when I go on holiday so a suppose it will do for then. The dog face t-shirt from RiverIsland again and was £20 is a good bit longer than the other one I think it would be nicely paired with lace trim cycle short/leggings and a pair of converse. This one has better material a bit thicker but the quality is a million times better. On the website it does say dress but it was still a bit too short for me to just wear as a dress. I like how it has the Givenchy idea to it but obviously a lot cheaper haha :] 

I then just bought yer standard black maxi dress, which cinches at your waist which I liked, again RiverIsland and was £20, The only thing I dont like about this dress is I am not a massive fan of the spaghetti strap, but I will more or likely put a denim shirt over it. It is really light and floaty and soft, defiantly worth the money. 

Lastly are the wayfarer sunglasses which are £13 from RiverIsland, I have always worn wayfarers I love them but I don't trust myself to own a pair of Rayban's haha so these are my substitute, they sit good on my face and the frame is darker than the picture. The Casio watch I have been wanting for a long long long time and decided just to but it, I got it in Argos for £19.99 which I thought it was pretty good, I think it gives a good edge to some of the outfits here and I just love it haha :]

I will post pictures of the outfits when I have worn them, will probably do it all as the one post so may be a while yet before it is up :]

Natalie xo