Thursday, 3 October 2013

Been a while...

So I haven't been on this in a long time, so I thought I would start with a song review on London Grammar "Strong" , I am currently loving this band, they just have such power to them. Everyone seem's to be getting on how she sounds like Florence but I still love her voice.

Firstly I think the song has a very haunting feel to it which I love, Hannah Reid's breathless vocal is what draws you into the song, it's just effortlessly wonderful. Her voice is encased in a delicate soundbed of pretty piano lines, finger clock beats and a sense of drama that sort of just hands there imposingly but never quite reveals itself. Really is a true masterpiece of a song. I feel as though you can tell that she is singing of some kind of pain that I like as you can relate to it. Although Hannah draw's you into the song it's, Dan and Dot's production what keeps you listening over and over again, "Excuse me for a while... While I'm wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle". The full result of the song is both effortless and timeless I love it, and I'm excited for what else has to come from the trio :) 

Natalie xo  

Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer is black

Summer is black

So when it comes to summer, I am not one for colour... I love black and I wear it all year haha, these recent pieces that i picked up are yes all mostly black but I feel as though they still have a summer look to them :] And a bonus being that all the items were affordable :]

The floral crop top from RiverIsland is £10 which I think is a complete bargain, me myself I am not usually one for a crop top as my belly is not something I should be showing, but this just sits so lovely on and is actually very flattering, which is always good :] I am going to pair this item with the dark denim skirt below which is from New Look and was £16.99, it sits nicely on the waist so it doesn't show any skin from the top which I like, it's more a soft cotton than a denim it just has that denim look so it's very comfortable. I like this outfit as I think it can be worn casual in town with a pair of jelly's or even converse, and then at night a pair of heels for going out for a drink :] 

The number 23 football top, is kinda yer bog standard baggy top they are popular the now but I don't care I love it haha it is from RiverIsland and is £20 which is a wee bit pricey for a t-shirt as the material doesn't feel to great, but I just got it for over my bikini for when I go on holiday so a suppose it will do for then. The dog face t-shirt from RiverIsland again and was £20 is a good bit longer than the other one I think it would be nicely paired with lace trim cycle short/leggings and a pair of converse. This one has better material a bit thicker but the quality is a million times better. On the website it does say dress but it was still a bit too short for me to just wear as a dress. I like how it has the Givenchy idea to it but obviously a lot cheaper haha :] 

I then just bought yer standard black maxi dress, which cinches at your waist which I liked, again RiverIsland and was £20, The only thing I dont like about this dress is I am not a massive fan of the spaghetti strap, but I will more or likely put a denim shirt over it. It is really light and floaty and soft, defiantly worth the money. 

Lastly are the wayfarer sunglasses which are £13 from RiverIsland, I have always worn wayfarers I love them but I don't trust myself to own a pair of Rayban's haha so these are my substitute, they sit good on my face and the frame is darker than the picture. The Casio watch I have been wanting for a long long long time and decided just to but it, I got it in Argos for £19.99 which I thought it was pretty good, I think it gives a good edge to some of the outfits here and I just love it haha :]

I will post pictures of the outfits when I have worn them, will probably do it all as the one post so may be a while yet before it is up :]

Natalie xo 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Bring The Beat In...

So a few weeks back myself and a few of my friends went to see, the one the only QUEEN B!!!!! We travelled from Glasgow to manchester by bus which took 5 hours but it was worth it :) I have been a fan of this woman for as long as I can remember, everything about her is simply perfect. I love her whole essence and how she is all for WOMEN POWER!! without a doubt my idol!

Now onto the actual show "The Mrs Carter Show" it was just unbelievable I was in tears at the start with how much power she brought it was unreal. She started with the classic female empowerment song "Who Run The World" it just got everyone going crazy!! Through out the show she had images flashing on giant screens sorta telling the story of each song which was amazing, it was obviously to give her time to change into her next fabulous costume, but it totally worked.

She had her hard hitting tracks like "End Of Time", "Green Light"and "Countdown" which all have impressive dance routines which she did not hold back on she just shows so much love for what she does and how she is a perfectionist she gave it more than 110%, these songs had everyone screaming and going crazy dancing along and having a good time, but what she also can do is show how her stunning vocals can ring around the arena during ballads such as "Halo", "Irreplaceable"  and the ever so sultry "1+1" her lying on the piano singing it was beautiful. For the song "I Was here" she played the video of a kind of life diary which I think is lovely it just made you so happy, seeing her living her life normal as well as being an international superstar.

The songs that stuck out most for me was her version of "Love On Top" the way Beyoncé sings it is just breathtaking she has so much power and just get's right into it, it gives you that feel good feeling and you can't help but belt out the lyrics with her. "Miss You" she just stood in front of a white screen with some images but it was lovely, the song had a bit more of a personal feel for me it is one of her songs that when I hear it, instantly I am reminded of someone even though it is a bit of a sad song it makes me happy, so hearing in that arena as silly as it sounds gave me a moment to block everyone out as if I was the only person hearing her sing it, and it felt amazing. Lastly when she sang her last song "Halo" she started with Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" she done that beautifully and let "Halo" carry on through it it is just a beautiful song and she gave it her all.

Performances of "Single Ladies", "Crazy In Love" and  "Halo" show the reasons why BeyoncĂ© has enjoyed enough success to already leave behind a legacy. I also loved that she did a few of her old stuff as well such as "Freakum Dress" ,"Baby Boy", "Survivor", "Get Me Bodied"  and "Upgrade You".

The show left me wanting more it had me dancing, crying, singing and laughing. I hope she does tour again and I will without a doubt be there it was one of the best concerts I have been to. ALL HAIL QUEEN B!!!! 

Here is a few pictures from the show and before with the girls :)

Natalie xo 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Can't Stop Listening To..

Bastille's album number one album Bad Blood is without a doubt on my repeat playlist recently. For me it is not my usual taste in music as it is full on catchy pop at heart, but it just has such a feel good sound towards it. Group vocals are throughout songs, but Dan Smiths voice just stands out for me in a unique way.

One of the songs that stands out for me is obviously the immense "Pompeii", the song is without a doubt one of my favourites so far of the year. I don't have many "happy" songs, but this is one of the few when I listen to it I can't help but feel a sudden rush of happiness with it's catchy vocals. The song "Bad Blood" is also a favourite. There are many upbeat songs but also the more meaningful ones like "Things We Lost In The Fire", even though it's not the most upbeat song the hand claps give's it that little lift. You have the quirky ballads such as "Flaws" it brings an interesting sound to the table. Then you have the haunting ballad "Overjoyed" hears Dan Smith hoping to reason with a loved one over a soul - warming piano line. That is what this band is good at getting the contrast of the tone of the lyrics and the tones of the music, you can be in any mood and you will enjoy the songs on this album.

 The album on a whole is great and is defiantly worth the money whither you buying the normal or extended version, I will list the songs below and highlight my favourites, it is worth a listen :] 

1. Pompeii  
2. Things we lost in the fire
3. Bad Blood
5. These Streets
6. The Weight Of Living, Part II
7. carus
8. Oblivion
9. Flaws
10. Daniel in the Den
11. Laura Palmer
12. Get Home // The Weight Of Living , Part I
Extended Vesion 
3.The Silence
14.Laughter Lines
15. Bad Blood (Live Piano Version) 
16. Things We Lost in the Fire (Abbey Road Session) 
17. Laura Palmer (Abbey Road Session)

Natalie xo 


Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Tonight myself and a couple of friends went out for dinner, and for once it was a kind of a nice night (doesn't happen often) So I took the opportunity of going bare legged, rebel I know :]


                                                            New Look aztec midi - £14.99 

                                                 Studded Vetras Topshop - £32

                                             Chain bracelet & pyramid primark - £2.99 (pack of 6)
                                              Thumb ring turned round swarovski - £40 
                                              Rebel at heart skull ring Thomas Sabo - £79 
                                               Above the Knuckle rings asos - £6 (pack of 6)
                                               Shield ring Primark - £1
                                                Black Beaded braclets and charms Thomas Sabo 
                                                Spike Necklace New Look - £6

                                           Skull Bag - Birthday gift 


                                                  Studded Leather Jacket Topshop - £65 

And here is a few pictures of the lovely view we had, we looked like right weirdo's taking pictures but ah well haha :] hope ya'll had a good night :]

                                   Scott's in the evening with a mixed fruit Kopparberg :]

                                                                   And at night :] 

    Natalie xo 

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


A few bits and pieces that I have picked up over the past month or so.

                                            1 - £32       2 - £35     3 - £35     4 - £10  

All these lovely pieces are from RiverIsland, the green skater dress has a really nice textured detail it and cinches your waist which is always a bonus. the only problem I have with this dress is that it is very short, so I would not recommend wearing it with heels flats on a sunny day is perfect though. The light grey fit and flare is also very flattering and really slimming it is also rather big made so I would suggest going a smaller size than usual :] The cut out shoulder dress is bang on trend the now and there is something I find kinda sexy about showing shoulders (weird i know) it's a good length as well. The stripe top is actually not a crop top even though it looks like it, I got on sale which was good, I think it would look awesome under a black pinafore which are also in at the moment :]

                               1 - £3.99    2 - £6.99    3 - £3.99     4 - £3.99    5 - £2.99    6 - £8.99

This is the beauty products I have picked up the lipstick is Rimmel Pink Blush 006 it is a lovely natural pink colour with a nice shimmer perfect for spring/summer. The Rimmel Scandalous Mascara is one of the best I have used gives a full lash effect and the thick wand for me is the best part it is sturdy and doesn't clump. The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer 005 Soft Beige is a good full coverage concealer, it is really good under the eyes gives you that fresh awake look :] Rimmel blush in shade 050 Live Pink for my skin tone is perfect it doesn't give you that over done doll look just add's a nice hint of colour, Rimmel eyebrow pencil in 002 Hazel is just like any average pencil I just like this one as it is the perfect shade for me. Lastly the Wake Me Up foundation in 200 Soft Beige it is SPF 15, this for me is one of the best foundations I have ever tried, it has such a good finish and last all day, also smells good which for me is a plus :] as you can tell I have a bit of obsession with Rimmel but I do love their products and it helped that if you spent over £10 you got the mascara for free from Superdrug BARGAIN!! :]

Natalie xo

Monday, 29 April 2013


So I just had my 21st party and it was amazing, loved every minute of it!! I got lots of lovely gifts that I will show you some of and lots of money :] which shall be getting spent on some clothes for my holidays and a new tattoo :] 

The girl I work with designed my cake for me I am a tad obsessed with sugar skulls I LOVE them haha so she designed my cake in the shape of one, personally I think it's bloody amazing haha.  

I love it so much and still haven't cut it.

My lovely friends know of my skull obsession and got me this gorgeous Thomas Sabo ring it's just beautiful!! 

The ring has a really thick band that I really like and it is so shiny and pretty I just love it :]

Skulls seems to be my theme for this post so this is what I will make it on, my aunt & uncle also got me some Thomas Sabo jewellery (I got lots of Thomas Sabo) they got me the classic ball bracelet and... a skull charm :] 

Some skull things that weren't jewellery I got was this awesome make up bag which was only something like £3 from Primark. 

I think it looks really good and the quality is good as well, it is small but it's a good size just to have in your bag. 

I also have a messenger bad which has a skull on but don't have a picture the now, will post one tomorrow :] 

Natalie xo

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Something New...

Decided to give blogging ago, will probably be a complete fail but ah well :] I just turned 21 (23/04) and decided it was a good time to start. I don't have a specific topic on what my blog will be about, bit of everything like beauty, fashion, films & music although I am no expert on any of these subjects haha all just personal opinion :] I have my 21st party this weekend so I shall post some things about that and some pictures :] 

This is the dress that I'm wearing it was a bargain at only £35.

It's from RiverIsland and for my figure it's really flattering I'm a rather busty girl (which isn't good) so it sits really nice and doesn't show any cleavage which was a bit of a surprise but a good one, that is a rule I like to go by if it shows leg then no boobs, and vice versa haha.

My shoes are from Forever21 it jut opened in Glasgow and decided to go have a wee look, but holy mother that place is bright haha they are just a black wedge with a kind of bow at the front, was going to put a picture but they aren't on the website so I will take one tomorrow or add it Saturday with the jewellery I will be wearing also :]

I'm not a rather "girly girl" but a thought cause it's my 21st I would go all out and get my nails done. 
So I think with the black tips it gives it  bit of edge haha also has a kinda Lana Del Rey inspired look to them :} 

Well that's it for the first post hopefully I will have many more to come :]

Natalie xo