Monday, 29 April 2013


So I just had my 21st party and it was amazing, loved every minute of it!! I got lots of lovely gifts that I will show you some of and lots of money :] which shall be getting spent on some clothes for my holidays and a new tattoo :] 

The girl I work with designed my cake for me I am a tad obsessed with sugar skulls I LOVE them haha so she designed my cake in the shape of one, personally I think it's bloody amazing haha.  

I love it so much and still haven't cut it.

My lovely friends know of my skull obsession and got me this gorgeous Thomas Sabo ring it's just beautiful!! 

The ring has a really thick band that I really like and it is so shiny and pretty I just love it :]

Skulls seems to be my theme for this post so this is what I will make it on, my aunt & uncle also got me some Thomas Sabo jewellery (I got lots of Thomas Sabo) they got me the classic ball bracelet and... a skull charm :] 

Some skull things that weren't jewellery I got was this awesome make up bag which was only something like £3 from Primark. 

I think it looks really good and the quality is good as well, it is small but it's a good size just to have in your bag. 

I also have a messenger bad which has a skull on but don't have a picture the now, will post one tomorrow :] 

Natalie xo

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