Monday, 20 May 2013

Bring The Beat In...

So a few weeks back myself and a few of my friends went to see, the one the only QUEEN B!!!!! We travelled from Glasgow to manchester by bus which took 5 hours but it was worth it :) I have been a fan of this woman for as long as I can remember, everything about her is simply perfect. I love her whole essence and how she is all for WOMEN POWER!! without a doubt my idol!

Now onto the actual show "The Mrs Carter Show" it was just unbelievable I was in tears at the start with how much power she brought it was unreal. She started with the classic female empowerment song "Who Run The World" it just got everyone going crazy!! Through out the show she had images flashing on giant screens sorta telling the story of each song which was amazing, it was obviously to give her time to change into her next fabulous costume, but it totally worked.

She had her hard hitting tracks like "End Of Time", "Green Light"and "Countdown" which all have impressive dance routines which she did not hold back on she just shows so much love for what she does and how she is a perfectionist she gave it more than 110%, these songs had everyone screaming and going crazy dancing along and having a good time, but what she also can do is show how her stunning vocals can ring around the arena during ballads such as "Halo", "Irreplaceable"  and the ever so sultry "1+1" her lying on the piano singing it was beautiful. For the song "I Was here" she played the video of a kind of life diary which I think is lovely it just made you so happy, seeing her living her life normal as well as being an international superstar.

The songs that stuck out most for me was her version of "Love On Top" the way Beyoncé sings it is just breathtaking she has so much power and just get's right into it, it gives you that feel good feeling and you can't help but belt out the lyrics with her. "Miss You" she just stood in front of a white screen with some images but it was lovely, the song had a bit more of a personal feel for me it is one of her songs that when I hear it, instantly I am reminded of someone even though it is a bit of a sad song it makes me happy, so hearing in that arena as silly as it sounds gave me a moment to block everyone out as if I was the only person hearing her sing it, and it felt amazing. Lastly when she sang her last song "Halo" she started with Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" she done that beautifully and let "Halo" carry on through it it is just a beautiful song and she gave it her all.

Performances of "Single Ladies", "Crazy In Love" and  "Halo" show the reasons why BeyoncĂ© has enjoyed enough success to already leave behind a legacy. I also loved that she did a few of her old stuff as well such as "Freakum Dress" ,"Baby Boy", "Survivor", "Get Me Bodied"  and "Upgrade You".

The show left me wanting more it had me dancing, crying, singing and laughing. I hope she does tour again and I will without a doubt be there it was one of the best concerts I have been to. ALL HAIL QUEEN B!!!! 

Here is a few pictures from the show and before with the girls :)

Natalie xo 

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